Tea is the elixir of life!

What began as a simple sip turned into a passion to bring to you the finest blends. Take a dip, twirl in its magnificence and sip its heavenly nectar, such is tea from Tea’ffaire.

All great stories start with love, and so did ours with Tea’ffaire. Our little tale began with a quest! A quest to find, savour and share our finest teas, which we carefully sourced from some of the most renowned natural tea wonderlands in the country. We wanted our tea enthusiasts to experience tea in its most natural state, which is why we specially chose and designed our packaging that would capture in it a time capsule of the aroma and flavor right from the source. We also wanted to ensure ethical practices, which is why our range of tea is sourced from organic tea plantations that follow the Ethical Tea Partnership.

Join us in our affaire with Tea and immerse yourself in delectable and healthy blends!

Our blends are as unique as the tea leaves that are picked with love and adoration, a superior mix that caters to one and all, from the novice to the connoisseur.

Coming together of two beautiful worlds of taste and finesse. Dive unabashed into this rich world of incomparable flavor and healthy benefits.

Tea is like fine wine, and with it comes a combination of delicious factors. We have scoured the country and sourced the most organic concoction available in the market today.


To warm up your heart and home with health wellness through a simple cup of tea.

We are committed to developing products that make whole leaf organic tea effortless and accessible, so that you can derive all the great benefits that tea has to offer in the comfort your home!

We want to share with you what made us fall in love with tea and led to the creation of Tea’affaire.


Our blends and whole leaf organic tea is an ecosystem unfurling in your tea cup. Our tea is sourced solely from organic plantations that adhere to Ethical Tea Practices. We have professionals who are trained and possess heighted sensory organs that dwell on the aroma and the flavor of the tea samples, which is then selected. Different strokes for different folks as we source our tea from Darjeeling, Assam, Kangra and the Nilgiris.

There is a great deal of poetry and fine sentiment in a chest of tea.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

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What started off as a habit passed through generations, turned into a pursuit for perfection!

Exceptional Quality

The tealeaf is influenced by various factors, from the soil, the weather and the processing. Each step needs to be meticulously maintained so that there is a consistency that is maintained.


We have scoured the country and sourced the most organic concoction available in the market today.


We use only tea leaves which are grown through organic methods, that means no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are ever used.

Ethical Tea Partnership

Our tea is sourced from gardens that practice Ethical Tea Partnership (ETP) which works to improve the sustainability of tea production, the lives of tea workers, and the environment in which it is grown

Transparent Business Practices

Our endeavour is to provide the most organic tea blends comes with a promise of transparency in sourcing and packaging. Your trust in us is a must!

Our Founder

Manju Mehta

An Interior Designer by profession who has a knack for being a perfect blend of a homemaker with a magic touch for the most delicious meals.

Being an interior designer for the greater part of my life I was always rushing from one site to another, In between client meetings, deadlines, the gamut of tensions caused by erring workers but the only thing that helped retain my sanity was my cup of ‘chai’ or Tea .

Years of exploring, looking for that ultimate cup, led me to start a small venture where in I could select fine teas and make them. Available easily to others like me in quest of a good cup of tea and thus Tea’ffaire was born.