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Join us in our journey of the passion called ‘Tea’. As we welcome you aboard we must state that although tea has a history of its own, the world of tea is wide and fascinating. Many a war has been fought over the legacy of tea.

Serving the Specialty Tea Market Since 2017

Tea’ffaire have carefully selected the following teas for you. We gathered most of the much loved for you from the organic gardens in Darjeeling. Besides being great to taste, it is said that these pure teas have a lot to offer where well being is concerned.
Technically the team ‘tea’ encompasses a whole range of teas that come from the plant ‘camelia sinensis’. All main types of tea including the Green, Black, White and Oolong find their origin from the same bush. After the tea leaves are finely plucked, (two leaves and a bud) they are processed in a way that determines its character. It is this process that makes one tea different from the other.
A lot depends upon the way the tea leaves are plucked. Good teas are produced only if the plucking is done finely. The process of plucking ‘two leaves and a bud’ repeatedly promotes new growth throughout the year. Plucking seasons are often referred to as flushes. The transformation of these leaves into tea is an absolutely fascinating process which involves various steps like withering, fixing, oxidation, rolling and drying. A very meticulous job which is done very carefully, lest the flavours change.

Our Promise to You

The world of tea has a lot to offer and we at ‘Tea’ffaire’ have come together
to bring you the finest of teas and beverages.

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